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Procedures assessed and treated by Mr Yagan:

​​○ Neuro Ophthalmology cases
○ Optic nerve and visual pathways abnormalities
○ Unexplained visual loss
○ Eye movement abnormalities and double vision

Procedures undertaken by Mr Yagan:​​ 

○ Temporal artery biopsy
○ Surgical and medical treatment for double vision
○ Squint surgery with adjustable sutures
○ Botulinum toxin injections for squint and lid spasms
○ Cataract surgery and lens implants
○ Laser capsulotomy

Mr Ali Yagan graduated from Aleppo medical school in 1997 and joined the ophthalmology postgraduate training programme where he achieved a Masters in Ophthalmology degree in 2001. Mr Yagan came to the UK in 2002 for further specialist training until 2008 when he returned to Syria to promote excellent medical care and support ophthalmology education in the country. Due to the civil war in Syria, Mr Yagan came back to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital to join a specialist fellowship in neuro ophthalmology and strabismus in 2011-2012. Mr Ali Yagan has been a consultant in neuro ophthalmology and strabismus surgery at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital since 2015 performing complex squint assessments and surgeries as well as botulinum toxin injections. He has expertly managed various neuro ophthalmology conditions affecting the visual pathways and ocular motility providing assessment and diagnosis for such complex conditions. Mr Yagan is also a clinical and educational supervisor training doctors in neuro ophthalmology, squint and cataract surgeries. Mr Yagan authored several papers, posters and presentations both nationally and internationally on ophthalmology in general and neuro ophthalmology and ocular motility. Mr Yagan is also a fellow of the Royal college of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth), North of England Ophthalmology Society (NEOS) and a member of the UK neuro ophthalmology Society (UKNOS) and the British Isles Neuro Ophthalmology Club (BINOC). 

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